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LitRPG Newsletter 7


Alpha World

The Path to Peace brought them to the gates of the old city. Now Alburet and his friends will need to find their way into the vaults under the city. They will need to bypass the undead and the cultists that roam the city to even find those tunnels, and that’s only the start of the troubles they will face.

Traitors to Stormguard are uncovered, and the King will have to be told. That can only happen after they deal with the two quests that have brought them this far. Vladimir Dracon hopes to put his brother Dimitry to rest, slaying the one known as the Dragon Eater, while Sir Cody Carter has come to make sure the Urn of Souls is destroyed so it doesn’t fall into Stein’s hands.

What happens under Peace will tilt the balance of what is to come: either in favor of the Crown of Stormguard, or for Stein and his cultists.

Welcome back to Alpha World.

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The Land of Trademark Online

Deuce’s life took an unexpected shift when he found himself connected to a virtual fantasy world filled with ‘Authors’ as players. A genetic defect had some unexpected results on his transition, and now he’s facing a world more vibrant and dangerous than anything he’d come across in his previous life.
He did not understand how far in over his head he was until he entered the Kongdom and realized that gnoks watched his every move…

If you have a problem with Parody, Satire, Making Fun of LitRPG Authors, Mutants, Cannibals, Harems, Depravity, Dirty Jokes, Clean Jokes, Puns, Making Fun of Facebook Drama, Fun times, Mouth Dropping moments, ‘Oh crap, no he didn’t’ scenarios, or daddy issues… walk away.

Again, let me emphasize PARODY and SATIRE, and apologize ahead of time if I didn’t make fun of you, you dodged the bullet this time…

“Yeayea, ye dum mudda beepers-oi, yer censorin’ me? I’mma find yer while yer sleepin’ and shove tings into yer ear you’ll quession fer years. Frog you-frog? Really?” ~Earle the Squirrel

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The Adventurers Guild

The Realm Between

Why did Uden ever want to come to the mainland? Life in The Realm is hard when you have rent to pay. Azure explores various ways of making money but quickly finds that bounty quests are where the real loot is at. The only problem is that most of the bounty quests are classified as Very Hard, which has proven to come with the risk of death.

Follow Azure as he gets robbed, finally learns magic, makes new friends and enemies, and meets a character that turns The Realm upside down.

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Devil's Waltz

Aeon Chronicles Online

Rowan Black and Gabby LeMort have made a dark mark on the world of Aeon.

After a string of lucky coincidences, they successfully capture the Water Mages’ Spire and make it home to their newly-created Dark Humans; however, Rowan again finds himself at death’s door upon logging out, leaving Gabby to take care of matters while he recovers.

Once Rowan rejoins the game, they must face a myriad of challenges including a naval siege, internal conflicts, a playerbase hungry for conflict, and a Jonathan Bladestrider out for justice standing in the way of their path to a dark continent.

Warning: Contains gore, profanity, traumatizing content, graphic sexual content, and romance.

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Stone vs. Viper 7

The Anime Trope System

Things grow intense as Melody’s father sends his elite guard to retrieve her; however, the redhead has no intention of just letting them do whatever they want. She must awaken a dormant bloodline. Meanwhile, Toru’s crusader uncle decides to pay a visit to the mansion, and what he does changes the party forever.

Clyde and his party is back in April’s issue, bringing the humor and fun, ass-kicking, and the rising from weak to completely unstoppable.

This is the continuation of the story of Clyde and Team Stone, power-leveling to save the world, and each other, defeat deadly threats, and even dark gods.

This novel contains sexual content, sex scenes, and sexual humor fit for anime fans. You have been warned. Not for the faintest of hearts.

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A Gene Eric Adventure

Not all heroes are born. Some fall from the sky.

Life for Gene Eric did not begin as expected. The world is ruled by a jerk of a king known as a Player. To free the people of the Player’s abusive ways, Gene hatches a plan: to send him to an unfinished land set for a future DLC.

Only, things don’t end up as well as he hoped. And in doing so, Gene releases something far worse. And now, this generic hero must save a generic world from a generic evil before it is too late.

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Raven: The Beginning

World of the Veil

What’s the worst that could happen?’ is what I thought to myself as I entered the World of the Veil with a new, experimental machine that the company created. I was originally excited to participate in their alpha test, and now, looking back, I was just a naive little girl that didn’t know what it was like to truly suffer.

Sarah was one of the world’s best assassin players, but she wasn’t prepared for getting stuck as a low-level player in a new game. Suddenly she has to struggle just to survive against the monsters of the world, while also keeping her secret from the authorities. What happens when the killing, and the consequences, are just too real?

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Chaos Unchained: The Mad Smith

Quantum Mortalis

What would you do if you found out your entire life was a lie? What if the entire world was simply an illusion, forced to relive the same nightmare again and again just for someone’s entertainment? That was life in Mortalia…if you were an NPC.

Every morning Jandar Barati, a simple blacksmith’s apprentice, woke up, worked at his forge, and experienced the most soul-shattering pain imaginable. It was enough to drive a man mad if he were to remember it all after being reset the next day.

Edison Pushard wrote the code for the world’s first fully immersive VRMMORPG using the only quantum computer in existence to create an entire virtual world, and he was its god. That is, until the mega gaming corporation took it away from him when their need for profit clashed with his vision.

Unable to abide by his corporate sponsor’s demands to make it another cookie-cutter MMORPG, Edison bestowed one last divine gift upon his world-mortality.

Having partaken of Edison’s forbidden fruit, Jandar became aware…and he remembered. With the chains of his scripted existence sundered, Jandar could forge his own destiny, and there was only one thing he wanted-to destroy the world.

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Into the Game

Dungeon Crawl Quest

Live real. Play real. Just try not to die for real.

Riff Jenkins is having a bad day. He’s behind on his college tuition and is getting kicked out of his dorm. His girlfriend just broke up with him for playing computer games too much. And if that isn’t bad enough, Riff hasn’t been able to beat the goblin boss in Dungeon Crawl Quest despite months of trying. His brother Mack says it’s a glitch-that DCQ is unbeatable-but Riff knows there’s a way.

When a mysterious package arrives from the recently deceased DCQ developer, Riff finally gets his reward for being one of the game’s top players: a special Grimoire and an invitation to one of LA’s premiere gaming dens.

But the Grimoire is much more than it appears. When Riff sincs it to a computer at the den, he’s virtually transported into the game. And his bad day just got worse, because the company that owns DCQ will be shutting down the servers at midnight if Riff and his band of misfit players can’t beat the goblin boss and save the game.

Oh yeah, and if the servers go down while they’re in the game, they all die for real.

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Breaking Bard: Discord

Chronicles of Rithmark

Book 2 in the Chronicles of Rithmarck series.

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Nova Terra: Greymane

The Titan Series

Betrayed and left for dead by his team, Thorn learned the hard way that the game world of Nova Terra is not all sunshine and roses. Stripped of his destiny, Thorn refuses to let what happened to him control his fate. But, betrayed once, can he really trust the people around him?

His encounter with an ancient evil and a forgotten God has set him on the path of a ruler and on a crash course with one of the most powerful guilds in the game. He’ll need all the strength, cunning, and courage he can muster if he wants to come out on top.

Join Thorn as he continues his adventures in Nova Terra, learning more about himself and the world around him.

Nova Terra, your dreams, your world.

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Enhancer 3

The Enhancer Series

Ty Wilcox has leveled up. Unfortunately, so have his enemies.

Ty is no longer the loser he had once been. He’s gone from zero to superhero, all thanks to a device on his wrist that brings a hidden power out into the light.

Before Ty came along, only a few of the devices existed. But a secretive villain has learned how to make them, and one of New Lincoln’s most dangerous crime lords has a supply of them as well.

And now, superpowered villains even stronger than Ty are stepping out of the dark.

The balance of power is changing, and not for the better.

Does Ty have the power to stop it, even with his growing team of superheroines at his side?

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Consorting with the Consortium

Into the Black

Fresh from a successful ‘negotiation’ with the Terran Empress to help her with the matter of an heir to the throne, as well as dealing with the first Nomad companies trying to make a name for themselves in the Black Star territory of Star’s Reach, Mirikon Mollen and his Black Star Company are ready for the next challenge that comes their way. The Consortium has come, seeking to hire the Black Star Navy to run anti-piracy patrols in the far-off Grathdan Sector, while the sector forces rush to confront a mysterious threat that has caused an entire star system to go silent.

What is happening in the Grathdan Sector, and what will it mean for Mollen and the Black Stars?

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The Gnawing Darkness


Clear out a cavern of orcs, earn a bit of gold and XP, continue on your way.

The quest was supposed to be easy, but when a trapped chest reveals a vast, ancient underground land populated by evil creatures of all kinds, Kyle and Lynne soon discover that there are a lot of hidden treasures and dangers lurking in the game.

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Splintered Jungle

Call of Reality

The rebels have taken down the transport system forcing the members of third squad to use more traditional methods of travel to their next battle. With so much changing so fast Roland tries to keep a handle on his stats and skills. Skills he needs to use to survive the jungle they find themselves fighting in.
The line between enemy and rebel becomes blurred while their own army shows it can’t be trusted.
Join third squad as they try to gather more information on the rebels and survive the jungle with everyone they encounter turning into a foe.
Splintered Jungle is a LitFPS story with LitRPG elements. It is the third book in a series that follows Roland as he tries to fit in with the army. That army has decided to use a modified full immersion virtual reality game to fight its wars. To complete his contract he needs to fight through whatever war they decide.

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Alien Influence

Lewd Dungeon

While the Soldiers have been fighting their way through the hellish horrors of the Undead floor, other forces are at work. The Fimaazro Ambassador has heard of the strange and unique features of the Demon’s Dungeon, and wishes to know more. But when aliens look upon the dungeon, with an alien point of view, what will they see? Will it be a trivial challenge that awaits them? Or a threat to be destroyed? What will this mean for the dungeon moving forward? And will an Ambassador fall under the Demon’s sway?

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