LitRPG Newsletter 6

The Final Trial

Level Up

Phil Panfilov’s tribulations seem to have run their course. He’s quite prepared to quit the alien game installed in his brain. In fact, Phil looks forward to a normal existence: both he and his company are in excellent shape. Still, the timing seems to be badly wrong.

Humanity’s enemies are stronger than ever. Despite all his new abilities, Phil has never been so close to defeat. But there’s too much at stake this time, his interface included. Without it, all his hopes for a better future will be thwarted.

Phil can’t afford that to happen. He has to face his enemies and defeat them, otherwise all his work has been for nothing.

Can he really confront a force which is infinitely more powerful than he can ever hope to become? A force which will stop at nothing to achieve its ends…

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The Fourth Realm

Ten Realms

The Battlefield Realm: A realm where sects rise and fall. Where the ground trembles under the feet of fighters from the higher realms. Where riches are gained, and empires lost.

This is where Erik and Rugrat must go if they want to increase their strength, to increase the strength of Alva.

They say that fortune favors the bold. This is the Ten Realms. To the victor go the spoils.

The Fourth Realm will change their lives…or end them.

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Bone Dungeon

Elemental Dungeon

Ryan doesn’t remember much about his life before becoming dungeon core. Only that he had a bit of a disagreement with the church – something to do with a beheading?

Now reborn, Ryan begins to arm his darkness dungeon with devious traps, bestial zombies and ill-named skeletal creations, without doing anything too evil. Well, mostly. Some adventurers just deserve a stalactite to the head.

But Ryan quickly learns being a darkness dungeon isn’t all loot and bone puns. With a necromancer on the rise and the Adventurer’s Guild watching his every move, he must prove that not all darkness dungeons are malevolent… even if they do have a few skeletons in their caverns.

Sadly, all of these issues keep distracting him from his own guilty pleasure, skeletal fight club. But don’t tell his fairy about that.

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Save Point

Now that the litRPG world of the Citadel has chewed Adam up and spat him out, he’s right back at his original Save Point.

Are things better? Maybe. Maybe not. For one thing, he’s still got brain cancer. For another, he’s in trouble for breaking the rules last time. As punishment, he’ll have to mentor the Colony – an outnumbered race of misfit mushrooms on the losing side of a battle for their home planet.

Adam’s new allies only stand a chance if he can unite the two sides of his broken Faction, but first they’ll have to show him that some things are worth -not- resetting.

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Monster Core 2

Monster Core

“Now, we become adventurers. . .”

Von Dominus continues to build Zagorath into a lair worthy of an evil overlord. When a new item brings another realm to his fingertips, it’s time the dungeon did a little diving of his own.

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Evolution Online

Jason and his party met the alien enemy in the real world that threatened Earth. The purpose of Gaia’s seemingly insane actions of creating Evolution Online had been revealed, and they were looking forward to a future of possibilities in both worlds.

They had no idea yet they’d just scratched the surface of the truth, not even Gaia.

New magic, deadly enemies, and shifting worlds both on Earth and in Evolution Online await them in the near future.

Note: This is the fifth and final book of a LitRPG series, if you haven’t read book one already, you should read then I’m order.

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Adventurer Academy


Born a Monster. Destined to be a Hero.

Half-Orc. Half-Human. All Hero.

Lugor is a Half-Orc, and in his world, that’s a very dangerous thing to be.

He dreams of becoming an Adventurer, slaying monsters and delving into dungeons. Unfortunately for him, one cut to his skin could reveal his secret. He’s forced to spend his days in his small village, working at the Smithy and keeping his head down.

But when his world is turned upside down in a monster attack on his village, Lugor seeks training at the Adventurer Academy, where he can learn to become the Champion that he was born to be. It won’t be easy, especially whilst contending against an arrogant mage who is determined to see him fail.

With a steadfast Dwarven Elementalist and a sarcastic Dark-Elf Necromancer by his side, Lugor sets out to prove that just because he’s Half-Orc, doesn’t mean he can’t be a hero.

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The Fifth Survivor Episode Three

Angel's Nightmare Adventures Side Quest

Barely escaping with his life, George accepts his new life as public enemy number one for the Hybrid Corporation. The gamelit/zombie adventures of this kickass bacon loving vigilante continue! Episode 3 will welcome you to the mall from hell! After all, ZOMBIES AND BACON RULE!

Surviving the Clark Family mansion, George meets Elaine who is sick and tired of being in the dark about what’s going on. Knowing that moving to Westchester County is inevitable, will he reveal the truth about Hybrid to his new lover?

George goes to start his new life in White Plains, NY and after an interview with a Hybrid supervisor, he decides to take a trip to the new mall in a town to his north. Arriving at the mall, he decides to stop at the new fast-food joint called Bacon World to enjoy his guilty pleasure. Bumping into a woman he suspects is the same mystery woman that has been saving his hide, George decides to treat her to a bacon filled lunch.

After a lunch worthy of a heart attack, George believes he has the wrong woman and begins to walk around the mall. The lights go out and people begin to panic. When he tries to leave the newly built mall, George finds out that he’s trapped. To raise the stakes even further, the Raven Hawk virus has been detected in the mall. As a result, all of the people in the mall have mutated into zombies and other biohazard creatures. Even the bacon mascot in his favorite fast food place will try to eat his brains.

George will have to master his new lockpicking and ammo crafting skills to make the limited resources he finds count. This visit to the mall will be like no other. He’ll have to survive the newest zombie outbreak in locations such as a fast-food restaurant, a pet shop, a supermarket, and more. He will find other survivors but as he’s learned the hard way, nobody can be trusted. Hybrid has the most dangerous weapon and that is the ability to buy a person’s soul with cold hard cash.

Can George escape the ultimate capitalistic hell hole with his head still on? Find out as this zombie gamelit series continues where nobody can be trusted and everyone needs to be seen as a possible threat, even your best friend.

There’s nothing better than a PI who loves to kick zombie ass and chew bubblegum or in George’s case, chew bacon. The adventures of our middle-aged bacon loving vigilante continue.

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Absolute Zero

Adam Online

The days when people played for entertainment have passed. Welcome to the future. The virtual world of Adam Online is a place where humanity lives. The former champion has returned to the game to find the Mentors – systems of artificial intelligence that bestow digital immortality on humans.
But do they truly work for the benefit of mankind? To learn the truth and reach the Mentors who inhabit places undiscovered, the hero must begin from level zero.

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Grand Hunt

Harrison Hawke makes an honest living tracking down fugitive criminals. Everything changes when he’s offered two new targets: Evelyn, a raven-haired gunsmith, and Selina, a resourceful machinist with a penchant for ingenuity. Harrison assumes it’s just another bounty to line his pockets with gold. But when he discovers why both women are on the run, he’s presented with an opportunity he can’t turn down. It turns out the treasure he’s chasing is greater than anything he ever imagined.

Armed with only his weapons, his wits, and the rustiest airship in the world, Harrison’s going to need everything in his arsenal to bag the richest bounty of them all.

Join Harrison on a grand adventure across the land as he fights, gathers resources, upgrades his gear and makes a little love along the way!

NOTE: Grand Hunt is a steampunk-inspired, action-packed adventure containing GameLit upgrades, weapon crafting, fantasy harem elements, gun duels, boss battles and intense action. It’s intended for mature readers.

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In the future, everyone role-plays, cosplaying as their favorite characters-at home, at work, at school, at play. Called Hyper-reality, and assisted by virtual reality and holographic technology, what is normal is blurring.

Zach, a small-town kid, becomes heir to the largest Hyper-reality company. He is thrust into the battle for control of the future: who owns these characters and who pays?

But what Zach doesn’t know is that reality itself is at stake.

Guided by Coyote, accompanied by his friends, harried by Thentics, and stalked by Mr. Zander, Zach must find a way to bring back this world’s true reality.

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It’s been two weeks since Jack Shaye claimed the first relic. With it, he has gained the will to fight, the will to hunt, and the will to protect.

However, Jack Shaye didn’t ask for this.

He didn’t want to get sucked into the middle of a deadly game being played by dying Gods. Sure, the idea of living in a world much like the RPGs he grew up with sounds cool, in theory. But that was before he had to go on a DEATH level quest just to return home. If that wasn’t bad enough, the person he grew to trust and who he considered a close friend turned out to be worse his worst enemy.

All he wanted was go by his real-world name, Josh Fell, finish school, move out, and play a bunch of video games. And, if he were feeling up to it, maybe ask out the girl of his dreams.

Now, to protect his friends, Shaye must go at it alone to find the next relic before the other Champions.

He will face old and new enemies alike, traverse a magical labyrinth designed to kill him, solve an ancient quest, and learn a truth long forgotten. All so that he can impress the girl he likes. Go big or go home, right?


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