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Awaken Online

The fourth installment in the best selling Awaken Online series!

Following Jason’s evolution into a Keeper, he finds his fledgling city once again in turmoil. A new and deadly enemy threatens the Twilight Throne — one that has no difficulty contending with Jason and the members of Original Sin.

Jason must work quickly to consolidate his city’s power. That means securing the villages within the Twilight Throne’s influence, finding a steady stream of income, and growing the city’s military strength. Even as the group grapples with these changes, they notice that something is stirring up the native undead around the city, although the source of this strange influence is uncertain.

One thing is clear, however. Jason might have evolved, but his enemies have adapted with him. If the Twilight Throne is to survive, the group must grow stronger and Jason must learn to control his newfound abilities.

Otherwise, the darkness may very well claim them all.

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A tournament approaches.

All around the world, great clans and sects prepare their disciples to fight against one another in a competition of young Underlords. Even the Blackflame Empire is drawn in, but their youth are not strong enough to compete.


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Small Medium: At Large

It’s tough being a country girl in the big city, especially when werewolves are murdering their way through the underworld! Chase Berrymore must bring all her divination skills to bear in order to survive both wild werewolves and murderous mafiosos.

She’s got a shot at finding steadfast allies along the way, but at great cost; the mysterious entities that call themselves ‘players’ are involved. And where they go, chaos follows…

The sequel to a new litrpg saga, Small Medium: At Large serves up a large helping of action, cunning plans, and mystery…

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Cat's Game

Cat's Game

When a player called Cat finds a mysterious magic sword, it quickly draws the attention of both the administration and the other players inside the virtual reality of a top-of-the-line full-immersion MMORPG. This discovery sets off a special event and starts a deadly intercontinental war, all arranged by long-gone developers.
Now, Oleg, the man behind Cat, has to collect all the unique weapons left in the game by its creators before the tragic accident claimed their lives and to complete the new challenge that nobody on the new developer team has any idea about, all the while being accused of cheating and hunted by the most dangerous guild in the game world, led by a dark goddess and one of the top PvP players.
Once, he was a professional player earning real money in another game. He fell from his pedestal into a debt pit: his account got blocked, his savings got burnt, his friends left him behind, and dangerous people appeared at his doorstep, wanting their money back. To get back on his feet, he decided to enter a new game and find a new source of income.
Cat’s Game is a highly-rated LitRPG series by Roman Prokofiev. The protagonist is one of a kind: more of a trickster than a classic adventuring hero-even if he has to become the one to finish what the original developers of the game started.
The setting is the future, around 2070. The Earth has changed: climate, coastlines, even countries. The Sphere is a game ruled by supercomputers…but not everything inside it is controlled by AI, and Cat, whose only interest is earning money to survive in real life, becomes embroiled in the long-gestating plan that will change the face of the entire in-game world.

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Dungeon Deposed 2

Dungeon Deposed

Ryker only had one goal in his life right now:

Turn a certain adventuring guild into a flaming wreck while dancing merrily through the smoldering ruins. All for the chance to get back at a handful of people.

It didn’t work out that way though.

At all.

He’d become the Count of Dungeon, made a hostage, married off to the false queen’s daughter against his will, and had his county made ground zero for a religious war.

To top all that off, the Dark Lord of the North wants to see Ryker personally.

The smoldering ruins of Dungeon have been cleared, the patterns reset, and Ryker has a task that is more than likely too much for him.

Hold Dungeon, and give Lauren, the rightful queen, some breathing room.

Warning and minor spoiler: This novel contains graphic violence, undefined relationships/harem, unconventional opinions/beliefs, and a hero who is as tactful as a dog at a cat show. Read at your own risk.

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Discover the dark cost of survival in a post-apocalyptic world …

After months in a frozen virtual wasteland, Scout still has no answers about how she got trapped in the sick and twisted simulation. While most inhabitants believe their world and the underground shelters that keep them alive are real, Scout knows the truth. As one of only a few who remembers, she’ll do whatever it takes to get answers.

With no clues about her situation and no way to escape the game, she has only one option; build a better world inside the game for herself and her new found friend, Missy. When rumors about a mysterious broken beacon lead Scout deep into Shelter 12’s black market, she sees an opportunity to advance. Harrison is just the man to help her.

The shrewd smuggler is anxious to unload the strange device as his ticket to a better life, and he needs all the help he can get. Scout assists him, but she has plans of her own. Once she achieves enough power, she will turn her attention to how and why everyone is trapped. Nothing will stop her from the learning the truth. Or so she thinks.

Fallout meets RimWorld and Frostpunk in this post-apoc, Sci-Fi LitRPG. One-Click today!

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Phantasmal Party

Five years ago, Eduard’s sister was betrayed by her patron, a member of the House of Adam, and was lost in the Labyrinth. Without a patron of his own, Eduard has to take on an almost crippling disadvantage in the form of a useless Skill before he will be allowed into the Labyrinth to search for her.

Once inside, however, Eduard stumbles upon a secret that even the Five Families that control all access to the Labyrinth don’t know.

A secret that might just let him turn his Impediment into the advantage he needs to take on the House of Adam and find out what happened to his sister.

This novel contains unconventional relationships/harem, LitRPG elements and several truly atrocious puns.

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Viridian Gate Online: Firebrand

The Firebrand Series

New worlds get new kings, and that’s exactly what Abby thinks she’s found in her boss’ hacked code.

With a cataclysmic asteroid careening toward Earth, the VRMMORPG project Viridian Gate Online has become more than just a game, and Abby thinks her boss, Robert Osmark, wants to be more than just its founding father.

Now, Abby holds a hacked key to the kingdom that could earn her a punishment worse than death. To uncover the secret that drug lords and corrupt politicians paid millions for, Abby must dive into the game she helped create and team up with one of its AI creations. It’s a race against the clock as she tries to discover what’s hidden in the secret code before Osmark can crown himself ruler over all that remains of humanity.

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Rebirth Online 4

Rebirth Online

Build Harem
Grind Hard
Level Fast

Sam and his guild mates have been victorious, and now the land of Ozara awaits.

But winning a kingdom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Soon other players will be allowed into the new land, and Sam and his friends will have to defend what they have won if they plan on keeping it.

*Content Warning* Contains Harem elements, not suitable for children.

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Cabbie Sam


Two telephones, the radio and navigation system seemed to have become lifeless stones, and Sam had failed to start the engine of his cab.
Suddenly, several strong explosions brightly lit up the horizon and rang out immediately, one after the other, somewhere off to the east. Everything went cold inside him, freezing him to the bone.
He jumped out of the car, thinking that the first thing he had to do was help his passengers. An endless nightmare continued, but it wasn’t a movie, everything was happening in reality. Inside, everything was wrong with his passengers, and they sat there shaken. Then his quiet, peaceful old neighbors turned into black monsters with gleaming chitin, fearsome fangs, and dagger-like claws before his eyes.
While this short story is an introduction to the TRANSFORMATION series, it is a stand-alone novel and it isn’t necessary to have read the previous books. However, I sincerely hope that having read Cabbie Sam, you will want to read the rest of the series!

“Transformation” is a top-rated Russian LitRPG series that became the real leader of several of the most popular self-publishing sites in Russia.
#1 in the literary contests: “RealRPG, Cyberpunk & Science Fiction” in Russia in 2018.
#5 in bestsellers of the years 2017-2018 in Russia.

#645 in Best Sellers on Amazon
#1 in Dragons & Mythical Creatures
#10 in Dark Fantasy

If you like to read books about fire-breathing giant creatures, dark elves reigning absolute and unchallenged, the money-grubbing dwarfs and powerful dragons, you will meet all of them in the pages of Transformation 1.

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Rise to Omniscience

Morgan’s life is not easy. Growing up on the streets of City Four, he is constantly shunned by the other citizens. Morgan doesn’t mind being ignored. What he does mind, though, are the constant beatings from the city guards due to his friendship with Sarah, the city lord’s only daughter. Lord Simon wants him dead, but the laws of the kingdom are on Morgan’s side and even the guards won’t kill him, just for being seen near his manor.

Morgan’s time is running out, though. Lord Simon has deep pockets and his last visit to the manor may just have put him over the edge. Worse, he is nearing his sixteenth birthday, and has yet to awaken any abilities. In a world where might makes right, he has never been one of the mighty. What will he do when faced with a life altering decision and just how will his decision impact those around him?

Warning: This book contains profanity, gore and content that may not be suitable for children. This book also contains GameLit elements such as stat sheets, and a form of leveling and experience gain.

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Town of Sumara

BlackFlame Online

Rihala is taken away…
A town is in need of a leader…
Xynnar is planning to attack the town…
…and Noah is flying blind.
Can he save Rihala and fortify his town against Xynnarrian aggression?
Delve into town management, city building, and damsel rescuing with Noah and his team.

Town Management, Epic Fights, Epic Items. This is a 60k words full length litrpg book.

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Virtual Me

Lisa Hampton’s life is full of monotony. With no family or close friends, her life has been a daily routine that includes work and little else. She has always dreamt of being spirited away from her existence and thanks to SimTech’s new Simulated Reality Universe her wish can finally come true.

The Simulated Reality Universe is a system similar to virtual reality, but features complete immersion. The mind is drawn into the system and all of the senses are active, making it almost indistinguishable from reality.

Join Lisa and her avatar, Valkyrie, as she delves into the world of Evanasia and all the wonders and dangers it has to offer. Experience the grand adventure that will turn her world upside down, challenging her perspective on friendship, love, and loyalty. Struggle alongside Lisa as she encounters dragons, goblins, other fantastic and mythical creatures, along with her most dangerous adversaries of all, other players.

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Some Sort of Glitch

Bush-League Heroes

Life is dull at an isolated arctic research station, so the staff have found a way to while away the idle hours: an RPG hidden away in the database is brought to life and provides a whole new world to explore.
But one day things change. A strange event leaves two of the players with corrupted characters of the wrong class stranded in an unfamiliar part of the world, which they find they are unable to leave.
Expecting someone to stumble upon them in the real world, they attempt to make the best of it and wait it out…
But no one does.
It appears no one is coming to save them, the NPCs seem to be getting too smart for their own good, the only word of other players has them weeks, if not months away, and death is a mystery no one wants to delve.
Now they must struggle to find their way to other real people while surviving the world around them and dancing on the strings of Kings and Gods which all have grand newfound ambitions.
This false world suddenly needs real heroes… and it isn’t going to find them here.

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