LitRPG Newsletter 3

Six Sacred Swords

Weapons and Wielders

It doesn’t take a legendary sword to make a legendary swordsman, but it certainly helps.

Keras Selyrian is already well on the way to cutting his name into the annals of legend. He’s fought false divinities, thieving sorcerers, and corrupt demigods – and left them defeated in his wake. But he’s a long way from home, and Kaldwyn offers a different brand of danger than he’s used to.

He’s already got a sword of unfathomable power, but it’s damaged and leaking world-annihilating mana, so he’s in the market for a new one.

Possibly six. The more the better, really.

The Six Sacred Swords are Kaldwyn’s most famous artifacts, forged as the only means to defeat the god beasts. Each sword must be earned by a worthy champion, and no single person has ever managed to collect them all.

Not yet, at least.

Keras is just getting started.

Additional Info:
Six Sacred Swords is a light-hearted fantasy adventure inspired by Japanese game series like The Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, and Fire Emblem. It takes place in the same universe as the Arcane Ascension novels, but years earlier and with a different protagonist. While the books are interconnected, they can be read on their own in any order.

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Somnia Online

Murmur and Fable are left reeling after Somnia’s servers crash, and nothing is quite the same. Even as they challenge new dungeons, Murmur is haunted by an old enemy who seeks to take her down a dark path.

Meanwhile, Laria and Shayla struggle to hide Wren’s prolonged immersion in the game from coworkers and sponsors alike, forcing them to seek out unlikely allies.

As more people are made aware of Wren’s predicament, freeing her from Somnia becomes even more crucial. However, it seems the game has other plans for her, and not even the AIs know what those are.

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After coming face to face with death, Elorion and company have found a dungeon to call their own. They’ve fought hard to earn a stint of peace, but Mistress Nava is still out there and her captain is now on the hunt. The impending arrival of the army of minotaurs will be the greatest threat they have faced thus far.

With their new-found freedom comes a myriad of additional dangers. They’re running low on food, the dungeon is in disrepair, and they must find new hunting grounds to continue growing in power. As their chosen leader, Elorion is faced with an impossible task. Will he weaponize their dungeon, develop his party’s strengths, or seek ancient power from the long-forgotten depths of the Underworld?

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Scourge of Souls

The Realms

Gryph would give his life for his sister but saving her could cost him his soul.

Gryph entered the Realms with one mission, to save his sister Brynn. He didn’t want friends. He didn’t want responsibilities. He didn’t want to care. But even the best-laid plans go awry, and after escaping a sentient dungeon and defeating a would-be world conqueror, Gryph is no closer to finding Brynn.

Then, while mourning the tragic death of a friend and grappling with the burdens of leadership, an ally, thought long dead, returns offering the slimmest of hopes.

This hope takes Gryph and his friends on a journey through strange lands where they must outwit a mystical crime syndicate, evade an infallible bounty hunter and face-off against Brynn herself, now a goddess with no memory of her true self.

Gryph must triumph over them all. If he fails, both he and his sister will not only lose their lives, they will lose their souls.

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Ether Collapse

Gaia has awakened, and the world will never be the same again.

Rockland Barkclay has had a rough year. On top of everything else, his father has just passed, and Rocky has to go it alone on their annual trip. But his plans for drinking alone in Algonquin Park are rudely interrupted by a sea of cosmic energy that governs the universe. Ether, the driving force of creation, has returned. Now a confused Rocky must navigate odd hovering messages to survive.

With the awakening of the very planet they reside on, humans are in a desperate fight to survive in an evolving world. If only Gaia hadn’t woken up so very… very… unhinged.

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Demon Lords

World-Tree Trilogy

It’s been years since anyone has seen Noble Vincent, the player that brought down World-Tree Online’s tyrannical moderator. Even with a lifetime of perceived experiences in the game, he still has centuries to go before the update finally ends and the people trapped in the game are freed. After taking a long vacation and traveling to many worlds, he realizes its time to get his team back together so they can try to reach the top of the World-Tree.

However, Vincent’s goal will eventually lead him to Styxis, a world consumed by a never-ending war. His path will bring him at odds with Noah, a former member of the Great Vanguard. Noah’s team climbed higher than any other before the angels crushed them, but like Vincent, he’s a man that obsessively chases his goals no matter the challenge.

Noah’s choices will lead him and many others down a path that will push the strongest players of the game to their limits. When Vincent gets caught in Styxis’s never-ending war, he too will have to decide how far he’s willing to go just to win.

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The Dungeon Traveler

I spent most of my life trying to get by with whatever happiness I could, that included alcohol, food, and porn.

My death was unpleasant and humiliating. However, death is something we all need to go through. A bit like a proctology exam; necessary but never anything one wants to go through while it’s happening.

However, death was supposed to be the end of it. Either way, the pain, suffering, and failures were supposed to be over. I was supposed to wink out, or perhaps take a trip to a lovely afterlife!

No, I ended up as a small stone, strapped to a table, while a pimple-faced teenager rubbed my facets and told me how ‘lovely’ I was. Last time I checked, birth wasn’t supposed to be as embarrassing as death!

Life as a dungeon core isn’t all bad. I like watching lizard love triangles and snooping on militaristic dwarves; though there is that issue where I’m trying to free myself from the entanglements of the Gods….ok, yeah that last one is a bit of a problem.

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Viridian Gate Online: Nomad Soul

The Illusionist

If you had to choose between your life and your dreams, would you ever wake up?

Alan Campbell thought he’d gotten his dream job working on a revolutionary VRMMORPG with Osmark Technologies, until the project was canceled. He has one weekend to dive into an untested world full of intrigue, violence, and corruption to prove that Viridian Gate Online works, but the AIs running the game have their own plans for his soul.

Set a year before the events of “Viridian Gate Online: Cataclysm,” The Illusionist: Nomad Soul takes you back to when VGO was just a game, or so it seemed.

From James A. Hunter-author of Viridian Gate Online, Rogue Dungeon, and War God’s Mantle-and D.J. Bodden, author of The Black Year Series, comes an epic new entry into the Expanded Universe of Viridian Gate Online that you won’t want to put down!

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The Loot

The Good Guys

The continuing adventures of Montana, Duke of Coggeshall

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Gemini's Crossing

Enora Online

Gemini Fowler has one shot to cheat death when a billionaire game-developer offers to transfer his consciousness into a virtual realm.
The catch:
The only current VR with the capability to receive him is the unreleased video game, Enora Online, and Gemini must survive until level ten or be completely wiped from the servers… and existence.
Welcome to Enora Online, where virtual is reality.

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RE: Alternative World Online: Volume 2

RE: Alternative World Online

Yun Shi, a postgraduate IT student, didn’t manage to score a single job after graduating. After sinking into depression, he became a NEET, and spent two years playing online games and living off of what little savings he had. That is, right until the day the first VRMMO, RE: AWO launched and his world was flipped over.

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The Assassin

Ruins of Rimnir

The assassin comes from the shadows…

Kari Maynard leads a very secret life. During the day, she is a popular girl with lots of friends and a reputation as the star of her high school’s soccer team. But at night, in secret, she plays the most popular MMORPG of all time! She is Grimmtyg, one of Ruins of Rimnir’s most deadly for-hire assassins. Aligned with the deadly Mercenary Clan and its mysterious, leering leader, Kari travels across the continent of Rimnir, seeking to kill those who do others wrong. Debts are paid with blood. Murders are avenged. Life is lost.

But when Kari is given a new assignment, it shakes her to her core. She must seek out a player carrying a very powerful World Perk and deliver the player to the highest bidder.

Kari must come to terms with her role in Rimnir and the blood that has been shed against her twin daggers.

Will she follow through with her binding contract and murder innocents? Or will she buck against one of the most powerful players in Rimnir and make him her enemy?

This GameLit adventure novel is the third in the Ruins of Rimnir series. The epic adventure is novel length and features video game violence, murder, mayhem, shocking life changes, and an amazing virtual reality world!

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Beta Life

Digital Sorcery

Old and about to die, Christopher Ryland is digitized in the new beta program offered by the Everlast Corporation. The beta promises eternal life in a video game, but as Ryland is soon to discover, he should’ve read the instruction manual first.

The corporation failed to mention that it populated his new world with slavers, sadists, supremacists, and one very trollish elf. All right, that last one isn’t really their fault. Sure, he might live forever but with a serious lack of RPG knowledge this isn’t going to be the fun and relaxing retirement he imagined.

He might not be the world’s greatest gamer, but he won’t let anything keep him down-not even fish herpes.

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Ghouls'n Guns

Apocalypse Online

For Davie and Ezekiel, it’s always been about the thrill of the fright. Since they were kids, they’ve always looked for the best way to get scared. They’ve seen all the horror movies, read all the classics… They even slept in haunted houses. But with time, it’s getting more and more difficult for them to get their adrenaline pumping.

They were almost losing hope until they hear about a new game: Apocalypse Online, a VRMMORPG that promises to bring to life their worst nightmares. So they join in on the first day, along with thousands of other players, and discover a world ravaged by a horrific plague that’s turning every living being into a monster. The two friends navigate the ghouls-infested streets and take on their first mission: to find and rescue the chief chemist of some chemical plant.

They break into the compound and successfully dispatch their first few enemies. Soon enough, one mission leads to another and they find themselves hurled into a maelstrom of gore and violence. Wherever they go, they are faced with abominations looking to turn them into their snack. The two friends revel in the horror and the danger; they’ve never been so scared in their entire life. It feels so gripping, so real…

As the tension reaches a climax and they try to log out for a much needed break, however, something goes terribly wrong. They find to their shock that they can’t leave the game.

They will have to keep on piling up the missions, and upgrade their skills and gear if they are to survive until they figure out what’s happening. But can you really hope to escape unscathed when you enter the Apocalypse?

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Scrambled Lives

Jenner just can’t get ahead. He studies hard and works harder, but his life only gets worse when a nasty virus lands him in the hospital with only days to live. His mother decides to upload him to a game world as a permanent character . . . yet all she can afford is one of the most hated games ever released to the market.

Scrambled Lives. Any time players die in the game, they come back as a completely different character. You lose your skills. You lose your inventory. A mighty Level 200 wizard is reduced to a puny Level 1 human. The most feared dragon shifter in the land becomes the most pathetic vampire who can’t even catch a rat in an alley. One wrong move can cost a player everything.

With the help of a foul-mouthed glitch and a mysterious mermaid, Jenner rises quickly in levels. Every day is a madcap adventure, taking him to wizarding colleges, treasure islands, gladiator rings, and even to war. But if he doesn’t upload before his body dies in the hospital, he’ll exist forever in Scrambled Lives as a mindless, soulless zombie under the control of necromancers. Jenner will do what he can within the game to avoid that fate . . . but the clock is ticking down fast.

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Demons in the Dark Online Part 1

Demons in the Dark

Demons of the Dark Online

I had to get away! Dad caught me trying to summon a demon. They weren’t real, right? Nothing was going to happen…

But the way my father acted it was as if I was opening a portal to hell itself. My parents never told me why they had a forbidden, musty room filled with books about demons and witches. They never told me why the room was filled with candles and strange, unearthly inscriptions.

They only told me to stay away.

Making it forbidden only heightened my curiosity.

Now that I was 18, I was ready to find out…

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