LitRPG Newsletter 2

Blaise Corvin takes step back from the Society

Blaise Corvin, founder of the GameLit Society, has announced his intention on a lengthy facebook post to no longer take an active role in the running and administration of the GameLit Society. The Society’s functioning will not be affected. You can read more details in Blaise’s post here.

Sacrificial Pieces

The Gam3

Directly following the events of the last issue, Zoey and her team are smashing their way through the darkened forest in search of Chad who, if Paul is to be believed, was hoodwinked by a fluffy bunny rabbit.
In this, Issue 7 of the Fragged series, Zoey’s Fighters decide to uproot themselves in search of a better home, and continue to build the trust between them.
Sleek cars.
A rabbit from Hell.
Welcome back to the Thren.

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Dark Magic

Arcane Kingdom Online

In this, the mid-season finale of Fragged, Zoey’s Fighters grows in size, the Metois are closing in, and more than a few personal issues get in the way of the clan performing to the best of their abilities.

Allies have been shot, new friendships have been made, and a feeling of genuine happiness has settled on Zoey who just barely escaped the events of Fragged 4. However, even in her moment of joy, Zoey knows that there’s always going to be something that ruins her emotional high.

Things seem to be business as usual at Home Base though, Miles and Paul even seem to be getting along in their own, wary way, but after a suspicious crate drop draws Zoey away the bigger, more worrying picture starts to take form.

Prepare for sassiness, drama, and, as always, good ol’ fashion violence as heads butt, old feelings are brought up, and Zoey’s Fighters struggle to put out the fires of chaos and disarray that are spreading across Thren.

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Fractured Desert

Call of Reality

More swearing. More violence. More Zoey’s Fighters.

Zoey’s adjusting quickly to having players back in the game alongside her, but that doesn’t mean the world of Thren is any easier of a place to live, especially with midnight looming overhead.

In this, the second chapter of the Fragged series, Zoey starts to trust her friends again with everything from simple resource collecting to planning a high-stakes mid-morning scheme.

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Second Skin

The Metois are closing in, Zoey’s clan is growing, and it looks like the Fighters’ luck is about to change.

Following the events of Issue Five which saw Zoey and her clan deciding it was time to take the fight to the Metois, the budding group is starting to have internal trust issues, not that that matters to Zoey, who’s recently decided that life just isn’t that bad, but at the same time is struggling to stay out of her head.

In this, the sixth issue of Fragged, Zoey and her friends start to push back against the seemingly unstoppable Metois while at the same time narrowly avoiding encounters with massive dinosaurs and struggling to keep each other alive.

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