LitRPG Newsletter 14


Sky Realms Online

Trapped in the game. Forced back to level 1. What’s next, permadeath?

Sky Realms Online is the largest and most popular Virtual Reality MMORPG ever made. Set amongst the mystical, floating islands of Hankarth, it’s played and enjoyed by millions every hour. Until something goes wrong.

Unable to log out, players find themselves reduced to level one, and in the starting zones. They receive a cryptic message from the developers stating that for unknown reasons, they are trapped in the game and may have to live out their lives within the virtual world.

Hall is one of the those trapped in the game. He’s been playing Sky Realms Online as a spear-wielding Skirmisher ever since the beta. And instead of panicking as many do, he decides to make the most of it; to play the game and live his new life, all while quietly hoping the developers will find a fix.

It doesn’t take Hall long to find out that, while some aspects of the game are the same, the difficulty level is beyond anything he’s ever experienced.

Together, with a new party of trapped players and NPCs with canned answers, Hall will find out just how different Sky Realms Online has become, and how playing a game is different from living the game…

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Viridian Gate Online: Inquisitor's Foil

The Illusionist

Shady Alchemists. Scheming thieves with deadly intentions. Noble ladies with even deadlier secrets.
Illusionist and novice spy Alan Campbell just got out of one relationship only to have another woman walk into his life: the Lady Camilla Favonius of the Imperial Inquisition. He’s close to broke and left without orders. She wears plate armor in the field and around her heart. Is the lady just what the Plague Doctor ordered, or will his efforts to get a job and woo her only leave him jaded…or dead?

From the city of Harrowick to the perilous depths of the Grass Sea, Alan will have to fight a corrupt syndicate, earn his place in the Thieves’ Union, and face down monsters and the risen dead if he wants a happy ending. All the while, in the real world, Robert Osmark is as close to losing his company as he’s ever been, and both Sandra and Jeff will have to pick sides once the battle lines are drawn. Brazen thievery, Death caught off-balance, the Dawn Elves’ dirty secret, and unexpected love in Inquisitor’s Foil, the third book of the Illusionist series.

From James A. Hunter-author of Viridian Gate Online, Rogue Dungeon, War God’s Mantle, and the Yancy Lazarus Series-and D.J. Bodden, author of The Black Year Series, comes an epic new entry into the Expanded Universe of Viridian Gate Online that you won’t want to put down!

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Stone vs. Viper 11

The Anime Trope System

The journey started! What can you expect in this episode? Well… a hilarious road trip, vicious training, the introduction of certain maidens, and even a guest from the Infinite Library…
The team however faces quite the pain-in-the-ass obstacles. The attacks on them aside, it is time to take on a being who has harassed the party since volume 3.

Clyde and his party return in August 2019’s issue, bringing the humor and fun, ass-kicking, and the rising from weak to completely unstoppable.

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The Grand Tournament

Tower of Power

A new challenge approaches!

Who knew that getting a second chance for life on another world-after you died-could turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you? Morgan has been living on this new world for quite some time. He has made friends, found love, been betrayed, formed a guild, fought off a goblin horde, and become an adventurer. His life is perhaps a bit strange now compared to what he had been used to on Earth, but hey, he has an energy sword now.

But as much as a life of adventuring might seem like a good idea, it is a dangerous profession, with the threat of death on a daily basis. So when an opportunity arrives in the form of a tournament where the winners get the chance to climb the Tower of Power, the most dangerous place in this world, Morgan is obviously interested-so he and his team decide to join the tournament.

With teams from all over the world competing in everything from dungeon diving to monster hunting and, of course, single combat, there are plenty of opportunities for success, but also failure. Now, old enemies appear, and new friends are pitted against each other, all for the promise of a chance for them to die in the Tower-because no one has ever come back from beyond the fourth floor, and the organizers of the tournament intend to be the first.

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The Black Blade


What would you do if you awoke without memory, crucified, and on the brink of death?

Varnoth, a shadow panther, must struggle to survive in the cruel world of Albattara. He must use his natural-born skills in this fantasy LitRPG to explore the land, complete quests, conquer dungeons, craft potions, destroy terrifying monsters, and find answers to his questions:

Who is he?

Why was he crucified?

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Gaming the System

Imprisoned Online

Commit an online crime, go to an online jail. In this MMORPG penal colony, inmates PVP to gain EXP, loot, and most of all…survive.

Seph has been sentenced to play in one of these virtual correctional facilities. Sounds fun right? Maybe for some, but there is no worse punishment for Seph, mostly because he isn’t a gamer. Will he be able to complete his sentence with all the trials and objectives thrown at him? Trapped in a virtual world he cannot escape, Seph now has to step outside of his comfort zone and align himself with the very thing he’s been rebelling against his whole life–the system.

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Shade's First Rule

Divine Apostasy

It’s Ruwen’s Ascension Day, and he finally dies for the first time. His newly revived body can learn Spells and Abilities for the Class given him by the Goddess Uru, and dying is no longer permanent.

Ruwen’s high intelligence makes becoming a Mage inevitable. With his new powers, he will locate his parents and clear their family name. But nothing goes as Ruwen imagined, and when a rival God tries to kill Ruwen shortly after his disastrous Ascension, his focus turns from his future to just surviving.

His choices place him in the middle of an ancient war, and he must overcome the limitations of his unexpected Class to reach level five. Only then will he have the tools needed to survive. But dying now comes with a terrible penalty, and failing Uru might not only cost him his life and loved ones but his entire world.

It turns out dying on your Ascension Day is the easy part.

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The Divided Lands

Different Paths
Chris and Jeremy have played games together as long as they can remember. Blindsided by tragedies and struggles as they grew up, they have each responded differently. Chris endured loss and heartache, trying to keep his head and heart up the whole time. Jeremy suffered betrayal sank into darkness.

When Jeremy decides to get revenge on the world, Chris stands up to stop him. Powerful forces take notice.

A Supernatural Offer
In a crowded school cafeteria, time stops on the brink of tragedy. An angel and a demon appear with a very special offer. Chris, Jeremy, and some of their friends can settle their dispute in a game the size of a world.

A World Made For Battle
The Divided Lands is a gameworld created by teams of souls from both Heaven and Hell. Famous authors and game designers contributed on both sides. For volunteers to play NPCs, they have plumbed the depths of Hell and reached to the heights of Heaven. The game is part RPG and part civilization building. Six lands with home bases for each player connect to a natural arena land in the middle. Here, Chris and Jeremy will lead their armies to decide the fate of their classmates back in the crowded cafeteria.

Who Will Win?
Will Jeremy Rogers finish his tragic attack on their school, or can Christopher McKnight stop him?

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The True Enemy Revealed

The World

Landing in Darom, Startum Ironwolf is confronted by the devastation being wrought by the Chaos Storm alliance and is forced into a guild war of epic proportions. With the beginnings of a massive invasion from the northern tribes looming on the horizon, Star fights his way across the Kingdom of Kader to reach his friend. Along the way, the face of the true enemy is revealed with the deception of a close friend. Somehow, Star and his allies must survive the betrayal and the overwhelming odds stacked against them.

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