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LitRPG Newsletter 13


The Completionist Chronicles

Humanity on the run. Desperate base building. Dark deeds done during daylight.

Joe has started to draw attention to himself and his abilities. While some of the attention is good and allows for personal growth, most of it is from various organizations that feel threatened by the sudden upswing of power that Joe’s guild-The Wanderers-are attaining.

As the threat to earth begins to reach its peak, all of humanity has a choice: flee to Eternium, or stay for an uncertain future. Some stay, some go, some don’t make the choice quickly enough. In Ardania, the human Kingdom is seeing an unprecedented influx of people. Supply and demand is an issue no matter where you go, as a civilization of a few million can’t prepare to accept an eighth of earth’s inhabitants at once.

Joe sets out to solve problems where he can, but he can’t be there for everyone… especially when a group of smiling enforcers are working to bring him down.

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Magic School

The Realm Between

Adventure calls! Reality and fantasy finally collide when a new member joins Azure’s party. A dangerous encounter with a mimic makes him think twice about touching large chests. And learning magic proves to be a bigger pain than he could have ever imagined.

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The Warped Forest

Gamemakers Online

Could you defeat the world’s hardest immersive game?

Alexandria Duke must learn how to or risk losing everything.

When Alex joins Gamemakers Online, she finds there are no newbie areas, no tutorials, and nothing but vicious critters hunting her down. This seems like an impossible task but Alex is a veteran platinum achievement hunter who has solved previously unwinnable scenarios. She won’t give up now.As she delves deeper into the game, she discovers it hides sinister secrets. If she can’t survive the first year in Gamemakers Online then she’ll lose more than her own life.

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The Chaos Emperor

First, the elves went missing…
…And then a dark city rose.

Levi Ryder was a lone wolf; a warrior with a past that terrified his companions. Now exiled to the city of the dark elves, he lives, protecting his new home from the fate of his former one. Yet, wishful thinking is often what spurs the first downfall.

The disappearances started slow. At first, it was the scouts, then it was his only friend, then it was the children. Before he knew it, bodies and allies were replaced by trails of blood in the silent sands. The problem with his past was not that it was terrifying, but that it always caught up to him, no matter how hard he ran, or how far he went. And everyone around him bore the consequences. Always.

The powers of Time now ran amok on one side of his world, and even darker powers tore up the other. An undead army stood between them. His undead army. He would see who fell first, who fought till the last, broken bone in their body. This was not his first war. It would not be his last one.

He was called the Death Lord for a reason. It was time to prove it.

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First Draw


Welcome Outlander!

You have entered Drezkarn and been reborn in the kingdom of Galyntor. War and rebellion roil the nation, sowing chaos among the surrounding kingdoms. Darkness often finds a foothold when chaos reigns, thriving on the torment of the mortal realm. In times of great need, the light calls upon beings of destiny to stem the tide.

Though you may blaze your own path, know that you have the power to shape the future.
Choose well.

Forced to join a virtual world, Luke Rivers delves into Drezkarn, a land of swords and magic. For a fantasy game, things don’t start off the way he imagined and he quickly finds himself in terrible situations. While his frame of reference for fantasy RPGs was limited by a rough childhood, the experience of a life spent fighting for survival pays off.

First Draw is the first thrilling entry in Drezkarn, a LitRPG/GameLit adventure series. Book two is coming soon.

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Quest for Vengeance

Hero Online

It’s all fun and games til somebody hacks the game, locks you in, camps your spawn-point, and makes you their slave.

Gideon’s a sad man. Middle-aged, over-educated and under-achieving, he’s just lost his job and he’s looking for some way to cope with the looming midlife crisis. When he sees his chance to connect with his kid-sister in the bleeding edge VRMMORPG Hero Online, he jumps at it. But all’s not well in this game, as he very quickly finds out.

Before long he’s fallen prey to a group of malicious players who aren’t above PKs and even enslaving other players to get what they want. And that’s just the beginning. Before they’ve finished with him, he’s a broken man, ready to be done with Hero Online forever. There’s just one problem with that: he’s stuck inside. Forced to face a possible eternity in VR, he gears up and gets ready to do the only thing he can do:

Get even.

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Dawn of Adventure

When apprentice adventurer Ceres discovers his physical and mental attributes are far above normal for someone his age, he suspects there must be a reason. Despite his inability to discern the forces at work in his life, he manages to recruit companions also searching for a way to make their mark in the world. Their colorful personalities are a challenge for the young leader, but his vision still inspires them to follow where he leads, for now. It isn’t until later Ceres discovers he commands the powers of a Dungeon Master, and can establish his own shadowy domain beneath the sunlit land of mortals. Yet despite his new skills, all is not well. Ceres’ exploration of the dark places have attracted the attention of formidable and lethal adversaries, and they covet the young adventurer’s growing lair. Ceres knows he is overmatched, but he also knows there are greater powers to be had if he and his fellow adventurers can reach a high-enough level. Now, with hideous monsters pouring out of the very walls, and dark forces gathering strength in the inky pits below, Ceres and his rag-tag band of low-level companions must find a way to defend their claim to future greatness before he can truly claim the title of Dungeon Master.

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Demon of the Mind

An act of terror eliminated civilization. Ninety percent of all adults died, and nine percent became zombies-whose brains were slowly recovered by nanites. Only one percent stayed human. Life had been turned into something resembling a computer game, where levels were increased by absorbing the nanorobots from other’s bodies.

Presumptuous mankind had destroyed itself, but it might still be reborn in a new form, with a new meaning, with the sole Sun, and with the new God – the Supreme Mind.

Warning This fiction contains: Gore

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