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LitRPG Newsletter 12

The Fallen City

Arcane Kingdom Online

The real world is gone…

Now Clay’s digital home is under threat.

An army of powerful NPCs is on the approach, a whole nation determined to enslave the players from Earth.

Clay has been given the one rare quest that might be able to stop them. He has four days to complete the task.

His second chance is on the line.

There won’t be a third.

You’ll love this LitRPG adventure, because of the epic boss battles, cool spell combos, and all the leveling-up.

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Wildcards: Queen Killer

Endless Online

Level up your inner monster and devour anyone that gets in your way!

When disaster strikes and Earth is infected by madness, John escapes to a beautiful world filled with adventure, excitement, and endless possibilities.

He can’t help but hope for a brighter future. It’s the perfect fresh start to a life almost ended.

Then John discovers horrific truths about himself, worse than any nightmare he could have imagined.

But it’s too late to back down now.

The price for power sufficient to destroy the alien/predator abominations flooding Earth and Jordia with walking dead is both John’s humanity and his sanity.

It’s a price his tormentors are more than willing to have him pay.

On the plus side, at least now he can level up!

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Nova Online

Kaiden Moore is on the run.

A fugitive both in real life and the game world of Nova Online, his only hope is to follow the trail of virtual breadcrumbs left behind by Bernstein, the man whose murder Kaiden was framed and jailed for. The data Bernstein gathered may be the only way to expose the corruption of the Party and finally clear his name.

With a new ship and crew of their own, Kaiden, Titus and Zelda will travel to the furthest reaches of Nova Online and push their classes to the limit to defeat threats intended for players much higher level than them. Humanoid insects, veteran gamers, dark turen and even the Warden Corps stand in their way.

But freedom is worth fighting for.

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The Other Core

Station Core

Milton, Brint, Whisp, and the Guardian Guild are back in the conclusion to the Station Cores series!

After the events that previously occurred near the northeastern border of the Kingdom, Milton has a lot of work to do. Not only does the Station Core have to hide his dungeon from the rampaging hordes originating from the Quizard Mountains, but he has to find somewhere to put thousands of children who are heading towards his dungeon for safety.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Milton also has to find a place for millions of other citizens to live; even though they don’t even know who or what the Station Core is, they are counting on him to keep them safe. With that safety, though, comes a chance at something that they never thought they’d have: power…and revenge.

Milton isn’t just going to build more habitations for them to stay comfortably in his new Underground Kingdom; no, he has a proposition for them that they would be fools to ignore. The acquisition of new abilities means that the need for an immediate education on how to control those new powers is paramount. Strangely enough, it’s time for some new students to enroll in Milton’s new Guardian University.

But will they be able to learn well and fast enough to get the revenge they seek? In the end, they’ll have to – especially if they want to take on and defeat the army fielded by…the other Core.

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This time, Kaiden’s friend needs a little support…
Chiyo’s father’s company is being targeted, and she considers her options.

Should she help him?

The only problem? There is a dark enemy on the other side who wants her dad’s company and wouldn’t mind taking a bite out of Kaiden, either.

Chief is more integrated than he was before and far more fragile due to his neural link with Kaiden.

Kaiden and Chiyo been provided a job opportunity, but they will need extra support.

Will they be able to call on their friends, or will they need to hire contractors?

Will Chiyo’s efforts help or hurt her dad?

Those at the Ark Academy are training to be the best, but what happens when they have to go up against trained mercenaries who have more experience?

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Factory Core - The Dwarven Secret Weapon

Who could have predicted that a simple mining mission would end up jeopardizing the entire known world?

When a couple of dwarves keep pushing deeper and deeper into the earth to find new veins of mithril to extract, what they unearth, however, is the doom of their race. Bursting out of the breach they created is a horde of powerful demons that only know one thing: to destroy.

Fast-forward a few months and the war rages on. Unfortunately for them, despite their bravery, the dwarves are no match for the sheer numbers and ferocity of their adversary.

In a last-hope attempt to save their kind, they decide to activate a secret project their engineers had been working on: a mobile factory made of bricks, brass, magical runes and soul gems. That sentient machine is not only capable of observing and learning from its foes, it can also produce the required weapons necessary to strike back.

This Factory Core-as they call it-will need to build units and defensive mechanisms to repel the demon army and prevent it from razing the city. But this will prove to be an almost impossible task as the invaders, led by a vicious commander, have more than one trick up their own sleeve…

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The Player Flag

Capes Online

Back in Capes Online after getting deleted, Nyle Maxwell (Winter) is ready to take the fight to Paradox and stop his evil plans for and for all.

Until a young girl comes to him with a simple request: Find her long-lost father, the legendary superhero Faded Flag, and bring him back in exchange for a fabulous reward Winter can’t turn down.

But Winter isn’t the only person seeking Faded Flag. Paradox’s minions are also hunting down the missing hero in the belief that he holds the secret to godhood. Now Winter and his Teammates must follow every clue, both obscure and obvious, to locate Faded Flag before Paradox’s minions do. They must uncover the secret behind his mysterious disappearance a year ago, a secret that will change Capes Online itself forever.

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Breaking Free


Ever darker grows the waking world. A general uncertainty falls upon the citizens of the Earth. Many choose to hide inside their homes and sleep in the hopes of breaking through to even one more level in the wake of unsettling news. Monsters, in small numbers, have begun to stalk the real world.

While the common people of the Earth go about their lives in fretful uncertainty, The newly made dragon, Blackthorne, has to come to terms with many things about himself. Some of which are far more fantastic even than the fact that his world is slowly turning into a live-action role playing game for the pleasure of ridiculous, belligerent, and uncaring gods.

The ever-present voices inside one’s own mind that seek to tear a man down into nothing. Scott battled these forces every day as a man. As a dragon, he began to find solace. Yet, what happens when he learns the truth? Why do so many forces seem determined to single him out?

Chains of fate and memory weigh him down. Will he rise up, or will he fall to despair? Can he, in the end, break free of those shackles and become something he was always meant to be?

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Controlling the Goddess

Chronicles Of KieraFreya

What is a billionaire heiress supposed to do when her Lagarde blood is starting to show… with a goddess inside of her?

Chloe has learned more about herself inside of a video game, than she ever had with her partying friends.

Now, she has a team of players working with her as she seeks to find the missing parts of KieraFreya.

The worst part? There are other players looking for the armor.

Now, there is another god getting involved.

Chloe is starting to lead with her heart, will she make the right decisions?

She has a few parts of the armor, she needs more. But, every time she gains a piece, KieraFreya becomes more powerful.

Can Chloe help KieraFreya, without losing her body to the Goddess of Retribution as well?

Go up and click Read for Free or Read Now and find out if Chloe Lagarde has what it takes to help a broken Goddess.

And herself.

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The Time Master

Interworld Network

An ordinary Russian guy, Sergei picks a fight in his neighborhood, defending a little boy. Problem is, the guy he’s just defeated vanishes into thin air, leaving Sergei to discover he now possesses the ability to turn time around.

On top of that, Sergei can now travel between worlds. He acquires even more mysterious new skills and abilities. And he discovers there’re many others just like him in our world.

Sergei finds his own place in the secret community of the Seekers – creatures with superpowers. He even teams up with a few of his new buddies, planning to strike gold in one of the neighboring worlds.

Sergei has no idea that his every step is being watched. He’s being shadowed by the Darkest One – one of the oldest Seekers around who’ll know no peace until he gets hold of some of Sergei’s unique abilities.

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