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LitRPG Newsletter 11


Everybody Loves Large Chests

The citizens of Azurvale are starting to feel the pressure. War with the Empire to the south is imminent, and there’s talk of the city’s adventurers being drafted into the campaign. Though this conflict seems inevitable and promises to be horrific, the common folk can do little but act like there’s nothing wrong. Rather than lose sleep over something so wildly out of their control, they instead worry about tiny, personal, inconsequential issues. Things like, ‘Will the butcher have fresh steak today?’ and, ‘Should I get those new boots now, or wait and see if they go on sale?’

However, though they try to maintain some modicum of normalcy, the people of Azurvale have yet to find out that their capital is already under threat. Not by some warmongering nation, but by a certain individual that has come to them seeking asylum, knowledge, profit, and power through any means necessary. As this newcomer burrows into the city’s underbelly like a voracious tick, it cares not for the people it hurts along the way. Indeed, any soul unfortunate enough to cross paths with Boxxy T. Morningwood seems doomed to have their life ruined in one way or another. Often through no fault of their own.

Whether it’s an ancient being, a skilled assassin, a godlike archer, or a fresh-faced recruit, none shall be spared from the whims of chaos.

CONTENT WARNING: Profanity, gore, violence, explicit adult content

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The Village of Noobtown


Well, it could be better. Jim and his literal shoulder demon have survived, so far, by the skin of their teeth.

After finding a long-abandoned starter village, Jim has begun the process of rebuilding his town. Unfortunately, for our favorite adventurer, the threats he now faces are far more complicated than mere monsters. The poor Noob has to deal with angry townsfolk, trade negotiations, and a talking badger.

With goblins and bandits also sniffing around, will Noobtown, I mean Windfall, survive?

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Rise to Omniscience

With a Pinnacle King now rising in the North, Morgan debates leaving the Five Kingdoms for good. However, his past comes back to haunt him and false memories are once again discovered. Not knowing who to trust, Morgan strikes out with Sarah to uncover the mystery of his past in a long-destroyed city that may finally give him some answers.

Warning: This book contains profanity, gore and content that may not be suitable for children. This book also contains GameLit elements, such as stat sheets, a form of leveling, and experience gain.

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Lighting Distant Shores

Challenger's Call

He was too late to stop the darkness from falling.
But there’s still time to raise up a light.
Wes Malcolm has arrived to the world of the Sun-Jeweled Seas, but the cataclysm of this world has already passed. Darkness covers the waters. All but a handful of people have vanished without a trace. And something dark and burning hunts the survivors hiding in their islands.
But the Challenger-Lord of Avalon refuses to believe that all is lost.
He is no longer the damaged teenaged orphan that stumbled into the mists of Avalon. He has rescued two worlds, seen the dead resurrected, unearthed forgotten magics, and received the power of two cosmic dragons. Every impossibility thrown at him so far has proven to be a lie.
He will not accept defeat here, either. Not until he drives back the darkness hiding every shore.

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Into the Hells

Axe Druid

Hunting for allies. A rescue mission that goes against the natural order. Time to delve deep.

Zeke and his friends have a final few obstacles standing in their way before they can try and find a way into the Hells. Everything to this point has been an effort to rescue their buddy, Balmur. One obstacle happens to be a mythical beast that might sooner eat than help them, but no big deal… right? Beyond that, all the group needs to do is find the hidden city of the High Elves and convince them to join their cause.

Searching and survival: if only it were that easy. Now there is active opposition to their goals of saving not only this world from War’s influence but Earth as well.

Will a hungry beast be picking its teeth with their bones? Even if they survive long enough to search for Balmur, the best case scenario is the team diving Into the Hells.

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Janus and Oblivion

The Nightmares of Alamir

Not many refuse heaven. Fewer reject paradise. Certainly rare are those who would find themselves before a being of unknown power and point out the demerits of nirvana.

One man does.

When the aloof fourth son of a business mogul makes the decision to save a life at the cost of his own, he discovers that what awaits him at the end of his mortality is not eternal oblivion.

He cannot help but be disappointed.

When he realizes the world he’s been brought to works like the old fantasy games he used to love, he begins to see the merits.

If only he did not start out as the weakest thing in existence, and if only the world he was in was not populated with madness-inducing creatures and fates worse than death.

“Decide for yourself, your fantasies and your Nightmares, your companions and your adversaries, your angels and your demons, your gods and your monsters.
Alamir stretches to you a hand of a thousand possibilities –

You only need take it.”

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2 of 2

Monster Slayer Online

A dangerous evolution in the game threatens Devim’s new life. NPC monsters are rallying. And they have one Beast Queen bent on ruling them all!

In the months since the Goblin King’s defeat, Devrim has settled into a peaceful existence in the now prosperous village of New Haven. But prosperity invites challenge, and challenge creates chaos. And the world of Lorian is about to be tipped into war that it may never recover from.

The only way to save Lorian is to dust off his old skills and remember the hunt. But building a home has left him rusty-complacent, which is no way to be when predators are on the prowl.

A werewolf army amasses, threatening creatures and humans alike. Whispers of goblin clans unifying. And the pleas of a living forest make for interesting times.

Can Devrim hone his skills in time to face the Beast Queen and prevent a war? Because if he doesn’t, the hunter will become the hunted!

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Gloominess +1

Gleam of Darkness

Darkness was always kind to me. And after I got stuck in a non-existent game thanks to a technical glitch in a virtual capsule, the God of Darkness became my Patron. He gave me power and showed me the way. In this dark world, I’m different compared to everyone else, but I think it’s for the better

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Enhancer 5

The Enhancer Series

Sometimes it’s not the hero who is most at risk. Sometimes it’s the people he loves.

A superpowered villain is targeting Ty, and has turned his apartment building into a ruin. Ty has no idea if his friend and roommate still lives, and will do everything in his power to save him.

But that’s only the start. The villain’s plans for Ty and those he loves will change their lives forever.

Warning and minor spoilers: This is book five. You know what they’re like by now. 18+, sex, violence, and nudity, all tastefully done. It includes a harem, very light gamelit elements, occasional bad language, and is set in a cyberpunk alternate future. You have been warned.

The Enhancer series was written to entertain. If you’re looking for a fun read, you’ve come to the right place.

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Child of Chaos

Child of Chaos

How far would you go to protect the one person you loved?

What if it killed you?

Reader discretion is advised: This novel contains adult themes, nail-biting action, colorful language, and intense scenes.

For those that like military sci-fi, dark fantasy, post-apocalyptic GameLit, dystopian thrillers, or simply the idea of using superpowers to hunt zombie-like vampires in a wartorn city, this story will hit hard.

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Hunter's Dream Online

With his chance to join the world’s first VR MMORPG, Robin takes the class of necromancer in a world of constant conflict. Facing off against gods, monster and other players. Will he be able to stay the tide of destruction and save the village he swore to protect or will Ignis and his guild prevail and lay waste to the land? Join Robin, his undead companion Charon, and his friends as they take on the world and other players! Dungeons, pvp tournaments, large scale battles, and a deer leasing agent named Chester. This, is the Hunter’s Dream!

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Breaking Ground

Enora Online

The Stone Has Fallen…

Gemini Fowler and company have come a long way in a short time. They’ve strengthened their bonds through endless challenges and an incredible dungeon crawl beneath the perilous Plague Barrens. Now, they’ll face a new challenge as conflict with the royal regent, Governor Zane, looms.

Mercenaries pursue.

Troops amass.

But Gemini and company have a secret weapon: The Foundation Stone.

A hybrid Role-Playing and Real-Time-Strategy experience, Enora Online : Breaking Ground is a heart-pounding adventure for fans who enjoyed Gemini’s Crossing, Quest For Roshan, and The Plague Barrens.

The Game Has Only Just Begun.

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Myriad Stars: Devil Plane

Wu Ji Chronicles

Wu Ji escaped to the Devil Plane.
He will find a new path to grow stronger and with it new troubles.
His only way to go back to his home will be to uncover some mysteries and history about this new place.

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