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LitRPG Newsletter 10


Binding Words

Having accepted the love of both Myna Mooncaller and Fiona Mithrilsoul, Sean discovered happiness he hadn’t ever thought he would know, and began to acknowledge how different this society was from his old world.

Everywhere they went, they ran into trouble. First had been bandits, which actually proved to be fortuitous, with Ryann Cullin entering Sean’s service after that attack. The sudden harsh blizzard had been the worst trial they had to endure. Cold that even Sean couldn’t withstand had nearly stopped them in their tracks, but they managed to reach Flento.

Once the storm had passed, they were finally on their way to Hearthglen. Sean was hoping to use the city to settle down and learn more about what he could do. However, that would require finding a way to make a living, which meant Sean would have to make a name for himself. That was always something he hadn’t wanted to do; it might earn him some friends, but the enemies he would certainly make might very well be his undoing.

(This work contains adult situations that some might find offensive, the least of which is graphic sex. This book is about an Overpowered MC, and contains a harem. You’ve been warned.)

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The Crafter's Dungeon

Dungeon Crafting

Sandra had been a merchant traveling through the human lands of Muriel, though that wouldn’t have been her chosen profession. What she would’ve loved to become was a crafter, producing wondrous creations with her own two hands; however, she didn’t want to become a master in just one craft – she was interested in them all.

Unfortunately, Sandra was born with a deformity in her hands that made them appear frozen in a claw-like pose; as a result, she couldn’t grip anything with any sort of strength or dexterity, meaning that she wasn’t able craft anything but the most simple of things that required very little in the way of hand-based manipulation. To top it off, while most people could access and manipulate at least one or two of the basic elemental energies, she could see them all – but was unable to manipulate a single one.

Despite these setbacks, Sandra spent the majority of her twenty-six years of life visually learning the processes, techniques, and secret formulas for every aspect of crafting she could discover. And it was that pursuit of knowledge that ultimately led to her untimely death.

Reborn in the shape of a tiny Dungeon Core, Sandra learned about the purpose behind dungeons and Cores from an assigned dungeon helper; at the same time, she also discovered that she had much more freedom than most other Dungeon Cores. The repercussions of her mere existence could end up being far-reaching, but the most important thing she learned had nothing to do with the other Cores, the different races, or even the real purpose behind her being brought back to life as a strange glowing gem.

Sandra didn’t care about any of that, though – all she cared about was that she could finally do some crafting.

This Dungeon Core story contains LitRPG/GameLit elements such as statistics and leveling and a heavy crafting emphasis. No profanity and no harems.

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Project Alpha: Book 2

Project Alpha

Fresh off his victory at the System Games, Anthony Tinoco is living a life he never could have dreamed of. His family is safe in a brand-new home, he’s enrolled in college, he has an incredibly hot girlfriend, and, best of all, he gets to fight monsters for a living. Unfortunately, some things are too good to last. Unbeknownst to Anthony, an old enemy has started making moves from the shadows, sowing seeds of destruction and plotting his revenge. When a random dungeon appears and begins spreading its corrupting influence through his old neighborhood, Anthony is forced to confront his own personal demons and take action or risk losing everything that he’s worked so hard for. Little does he know, however, that while he may be the target, he’s not the one in the crosshairs.

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Accounts Payable

Nora Hazard

The last three years have not been easy for Nora Hazard, but she’s been able to create a new life for herself. Since becoming orb-Bonded, she’s managed to survive, then thrive. She’s mastered her power and grown up during her time as a soldier, even experiencing love.

But circumstances will force Nora to make new choices. Her deal with a powerful demigoddess is coming to an end, bringing new opportunities and new dangers–including secret information about her painful, mysterious past. Her loyalties will be put to the test.

Unfortunately, despite her survivor mentality, her luck is terrible. Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes. After uncovering a massive plot that directly threatens everything she holds dear, she will be forced into a struggle that pushes her to her very limits.

For Nora Hazard, nothing is ever simple, but she made a promise to someone important to never give up. She’s been wounded in spirit and body, but remains unbroken. Anyone or anything that picks a fight with her or threatens her friends may come to regret it, even a dark god.

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Stone vs. Viper 10

The Anime Trope System

The dragon investigation quest is a lot bigger than Team Stone could imagine. This is but the first step of a mandatory mission…for those to be back. Sigh.

-The Falcon, one of five “players” or dimensional interlopers makes his debut and it’s not exactly a warm welcome.

-With Stone Mode recharging, Clyde must take on his journey like every man. Well, he does have an amazingly powerful team to watch his back.

Clyde and his party return in July 2019’s issue, bringing the humor and fun, ass-kicking, and the rising from weak to completely unstoppable.

This novel contains sexual content, sex scenes, and sexual humor fit for anime fans. You have been warned. Not for the faintest of hearts.

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Master of None

All Trades

Alex is broke. He’s pretty much always been broke. A misspent youth led to mistakes which led to convictions and plea deals. No career, no education, no hope.

Now he has a chance to make things right for him and his family when the newest immersive MMO comes with the ability to convert money earned in the game into real currency. Well, it’s cryptocurrency but that’s real-ish, right? Seeing an opportunity, Alex joins The Realms as Jack Alltrades, looking to make money any way he can. He may be a Master of None, but he’s determined to learn every way possible to make money and turn his life around. Along the way, he’ll find answers to important questions like:

Can he win Employee of the Month?

Do gnomes dream of electric sheep?

How many kobolds does it take to swing a pickaxe?

Can NPCs commit tax fraud?

OK, maybe he won’t answer most of those, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t come follow the high margin adventures of Jack Alltrades!

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Queen of Ragnarok

Everscape Online

The adventure is just heating up… After beating the first battle of the God’s Challenge in book one: Traitor of Golden Blaze, Celina and the team members of Ragnarok are back for bigger and badder battles in book 2: Queen of Ragnarok. Join Celina, her mother, Valush and the rest of the boys as they conquer new lands and meet new team members on their quest to becoming the best guild in the game. The action is more intense and things have never been so dangerous for our group of intrepid gamers.

Queen of Ragnarok is the second book in the Everscape Online Trilogy, A Fantasy GameLit RPG Adventure series set in the world of Everscape Online a MMORPG.

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Everscape: Traitor of Golden Blaze

Everscape Online

Friends become enemies, strangers become allies, Guilds Scramble to be first in everything they do. The Quest for the Heavenly Seal Staff begins now and the chain of events it sets off can never be undone. Strategic battles with insurmountable odds stacked against her, Celina uses her Black magic to Trick and Trap her enemies using her wit to subdue and defeat stronger foes. Struggling to maintain relationships with her friends and family she has to balance her real life with her online life. She remains steadfast to prove her friends and family wrong and make a life inside Everscape her own.

Traitor of Golden Blaze is the first book in the Everscape Trilogy, A Fantasy GameLit RPG Adventure series set in the world of Everscape Online a MMORPG.

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Enhancer 5

The Enhancer Series

Sometimes it’s not the hero who is most at risk. Sometimes it’s the people he loves.

A superpowered villain is targeting Ty, and has turned his apartment building into a ruin. Ty has no idea if his friend and roommate still lives, and will do everything in his power to save him.

But that’s only the start. The villain’s plans for Ty and those he loves will change their lives forever.

Warning and minor spoilers: This is book five. You know what they’re like by now. 18+, sex, violence, and nudity, all tastefully done. It includes a harem, very light gamelit elements, occasional bad language, and is set in a cyberpunk alternate future. You have been warned.

The Enhancer series was written to entertain. If you’re looking for a fun read, you’ve come to the right place.

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Dungeon Robotics

Earth 2150. Nearly twenty years since the robot uprising, where all AIs designed by inventor Dr. Regan Earle went rogue and started to take over the world. Or at least, that’s what everyone thought until a year later Earle himself sent out a message. A message that stated his creations would shut down if he were killed. He even went so far as to place a beacon on top of his building that broadcasted his location. The humans fought against the machines for decades in a futile attempt to destroy the tower.
Until one day…

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