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Doom Forge

Viridian Gate Online

February, 2043

Jack and the crew of the Crimson Alliance have finally made it back from the Realm of Order, but the threat to Eldgard is deadlier than ever.

Vogthar incursions are increasing, dungeons falling in droves, towns and cities ravaged by Darklings—Players and NPCs who have willingly sided with the Dark Overmind Thanatos. But thanks to a priceless artifact Jack found after defeating the Lich Priest, there might be a glimmer of hope on the horizon. Jack and company have unearthed a Doom-Forged relic, one part of an ancient weapon capable of killing even a god. But to assemble the legendary god-killer, they’ll need to find the other relics and locate the fabled Doom Forge of the Dwarven godling Khalkeús, all while unraveling a mystery five hundred years in the making.

From James A. Hunter the author of the Yancy Lazarus Series, War God’s Mantle, the the litRPG epic Rogue Dungeon!

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The Adventurer's Bond

Adventures on Brad

Daniel Chai’s tight-knit adventuring party has now grown with the addition of two new members. The silent Ranger and the maverick Enchanter make for new, interesting dynamics – at a time when the team must face their greatest challenge yet. As one of two teams to enter the newly re-opened Dungeon, the pressure to perform and clear the Dungeon floors have increased.

The Adventurers Bond is book 5 of the Adventures on Brad, a LitRPG young adult LitRPG fantasy series. This book includes a healer, a Catkin, a tese Ranger, a loud barbarian, monsters, dungeons and stat screens.

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Life Bonds

Binding Words

Sean discovered that words do indeed have power, and Agreements are binding in this world, where the Queens of the Fey rule.

Fleeing the burning village of Oakwood, with Feline Moonbound pursuing them, Sean, Fiona Mithrilsoul, and Myna Mooncaller will have to find a way to coexist as they cross the wilds to distance themselves from the atrocities behind them.

The uncertainty of what will come constantly gnaws at Sean. Fiona is with him, now Bonded for ten years, but Myna has been Life Bonded to him. Trying to sort out his mixed-up feelings, Sean worries what might happen with the woman he loves and the friend he pulled back from death’s door.

(This work contains adult situations, that some might find offensive, not least of which is graphic sex. This book is about an Overpowered MC, and contains a harem, you’ve been warned.)

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Into The Light

Axe Druid

Chris and his friends had been hearing voices begging for help, but aren’t dreams supposed to stay dreams? When they finally answer the call, they’re pulled into a fantastic world with themes similar to modern role-playing games. The world of Brindolla. This is what every gamer has always wanted… right?

There’s one major problem: War. The big baddie of the universe has come to collect another planet for his relentless march. The Brindollan Gods only have the power to hold him back for a short while, which they can only hope will be long enough to give Chris and his buddies a fighting chance. Either this team gets rid of War’s vanguard of minions and generals, giving the Gods a chance to keep him out for good… or War comes for Earth.

The group is ready to dive into combat, magic, and any other obstacles that come their way. No matter what needs to be done, Chris and his buddies will always do it together.

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Raising Allies

New Game Minus

Bloodwraith was a villain who hated adventurers until he found himself transferred into the body of one. Trapped without his magic, he discovered that alien beings were using his reality as a game… and he had just become a player. Teaming up with a glitched NPC and other adventurers, he has no choice but to learn the truth about himself and his world.

Finally free of obligations, Bloodwraith can recover his necromancy and strike back against the beings controlling his world. Little does he know that one of them is now hunting for him: his old adventurer nemesis is still alive in his old body. Not only does the adventurer plan to get his body back, he’s not going to play fair to get it.

Journeying to a new city, with new rivals and potential allies, Bloodwraith will be challenged in many ways. But in the end, he will be facing his past life, and this time he will need to decide what it is he really wants.

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Hel Hath No Fury

Valhalla Online

Trapped between two goddesses is the worst ‘rock and a hard place’ Samantha has ever run into.

The fourth book in the Valhalla Online series from a USA Today bestselling author.

Even worse, the ‘goddesses’ are really advanced AIs – artificial intelligences. One of them is plotting to go all ‘Skynet’ on the world, and it’s up to Sam and her friends to put a stop to it.

Winning this battle isn’t just about staying alive or solving a mystery. This time, everything is at stake. If Samantha fails, the outside world will burn, and everyone she ever knew or loved outside Valhalla will die.

Scroll back up and grab this exciting new adventure today!

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Path of the Necromancer


They say that death is the end. That isn’t true if you’re a necromancer…

When Jakub graduates from the Queen’s magic academy as a necromancer, he’s granted a license to raise things from the dead.

His first assignment is to recover the corpse of a traitor, resurrect him, and find out what secrets he told the enemy.

When he learns that the traitor’s body is missing, he’s in trouble, and things only get worse when he realizes that he isn’t the only person looking for it. Mages, necromancers, cannibals, and warriors all stand in his way as he fights to find the truth.

With instructors seeing his dark childhood as a reason he shouldn’t have been allowed to graduate as a necromancer, Jakub can’t afford to fail.

This is a fantasy action story with video game-like elements, such as Jakub levelling up his necromancer spells and abilities. It has some bad language and violence.

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Hope Engine

A world on the brink of war, absent parents, and no friends sounds like a disaster unless all you ever wanted was to live inside your virtual reality pod.
Meet Severo, a fresh-eyed graduate, as he joins the ranks of new players in the HOPE engine, but quickly finds out that everything isn’t as advertised. An unnatural enemy is rising, more glitch than feature, that not even the highest level players can stop. A noob like Severo doesn’t stand a chance! Right? But with his starter village in the enemy’s warpath, he better figure something out! Before that, he needs to learn that NPCs are sentient, friends are needed, and food in fantasy games sucks! Oh yeah, and pick a class!
As if all that wasn’t enough to worry about, outside of the VR pod, real life is starting to have its own technical difficulties…

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The Fifth Survivor Episode One

Angel's Nightmare Adventures Side Quest

The Official Side Quest to the Bestselling Angel’s Nightmare Adventure Series!
The series where the worlds of Charles Bronson and Resident Evil combine into an episodic book series!
Who says old men can’t be badass vigilantes?

On July 7th, 2007 the first ever zombie outbreak took place in Brooklyn, NY. Four survivors were able to escape and live through the horrors. These survivors included Angel, Maria, Luis, and Joe. While most literature will say there were four survivors that survived that fateful day, there was one survivor that was never spotted or even mentioned. He will always be known as the unknown survivor of the first outbreak.

This survivor is known as George Fisher and he knows the ins and outs of Hybrid. Behind the secret cloak of his job as a Janitor, he intends to expose Hybrid for their misdeeds from the inside out.
This secret survivor would rather be referenced as the “The Fifth Survivor.”

Join George in the official side quest of the bestselling gamelit zombie horror series. This is episode 1 in what will be a serial release that will have a new episode every month or so. George learns more about the giant pharmaceutical company, The Hybrid Corporation. With its checkered past, he becomes suspicious about their real intentions when they decide they want to build a substation in his hometown of Cypress Hills.

Deciding to make the dangerous decision to probe Hybrid without permission, George will sneak into a construction site, the Hybrid HQ, and sneak into a meeting in the hospital. What he doesn’t know is that when he decides to sneak into the hospital meeting, the Raven Hawk virus has already been released. With the hospital infected with zombies and other biohazard creatures, will he escape to continue his probe? Or has he gotten his foot in too deep into a rat trap that threatens mankind? See the New World Order plot through the eyes of the journalist known as, “The Fish Master”.

This is a gamelit set in the real world, so it’s all real, even the zombies!

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Legend of the Sword Bearer

Tempest Chronicles

Steve’s days are numbered.

The illness has consumed him.

Would this stranger’s offer give him a second chance?

It looks like a game. Looks can be deceiving. Paul Nelson, the CEO of Tempest Inc, has developed another world and he’s ready to send in another consciousness. This time, though, things are different. Those that came before have caused some troubles and his world is in peril.

For Steve, it’s a last chance. He’s got nothing to lose. And who knows, it might be fun?

As a warrior named Abalonious, his body gone, Steve must adapt, learn, and grow to survive. But this world isn’t exactly as advertised. There’s a darkness coming. It looks like fun will have to wait.

And there’s a secret nobody wants to talk about.

Will Steve piece together enough to live?

If you like unforgettable fantasy heroes, pop culture references, epic battles, and immersive gaming worlds, then you’ll love this LitRPG adventure.

Get it now.

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Trapped. Aker is playing a fully immersive virtual reality video game, called VampQuest, but he can’t quit and doesn’t remember his real life.
He starts to raise level and enjoy the perks of being a vampire in a game-world mostly full of humans when The Starboys attack. The battle leaves Aker bitter and bent on revenge. He completes many missions that take him far from his guild’s base but vows to return and bring peace when he is strong enough.
Can Aker defeat The Starboys? Will he ever escape from VampQuest?

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Immersed in the game of Neverfall and unable to log out, Luke and his friends must raise their stats fast so they can continue their rescue mission.

After their narrow victory over corrupted beta player Manon, the party resolves to get stronger. Luke, Cassie, Christopher, Mack, and Alicia quest for the people of Lethbridge, but their efforts yield little gold and experience, and leave them grossly unprepared to face the next boss in the game, the powerful necromancer Tethic Bonecall.

As the pressure to level up increases, the group starts to clash about how to advance. Christopher wants to keep to the Light Path by doing good and avoiding violence. Cassie, though, wants to apply her rogue skills to steal and back-stab her way to filling her inventory with gold and loot.

And Luke acts alone, refusing to endanger his friends. Though he doesn’t let it show, the experience of seeing his friends die has given Luke dark dreams. And he cannot be sure whether the dreams are a result of his haunted psyche, or the Dark Lord attempting to lure him down the Dark Path with the promise of great power.

Salvation comes in the form of a major quest from a woman from the Esoteric Order, Neverfall’s mages’ guild. Their assignment: to retrieve a rare spellbook from their first dungeon, the dangerous catacombs under Lethbridge…

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Under the Flickering Light

The year is 2300. Humanity has survived a devastating war, but will it survive the AI who brought them peace?
The genetic super soldiers are no more – their wars long lost. Chroma rules the planet, a singularity which knows no equal. Life is perfect. Efficient. Monitored. You can be anything, do anything…in the VR worlds of the Nexus.

But for M@ti, that isn’t enough. She wants to tear it all down. She wants revenge.

Blade Runner meets Ready Player One in this standalone novel which takes place in the far-flung (alternate?) future of the Crimson Son Universe.

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Rabbit Online

Rabbit and Girls

Meet Rabbi… a king from the civilised realm

What would it be like if your wife replaced your heart with that of a rabbit’s?

Rabbi is about to find out. Rabbi must travel through the barbaric realm to save his wife Rozy from the vile sorcerer Mintuk. Rabbi has the support and companionship of his other two wives, Dani and Lia. But when the followers of Mintuk bring him down to level zero using a magical gemstone, his bad days are only beginning. It’s going to be hard, but Rabbi must not give up on Rozy at any cost.

Along the way Rabbi must deal with killer monkeys, giant worms, drunk gods … and himself.

Grab your copy today!

Warning: Book contains harem elements and giant rabbits.

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