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    Hi Folks,

    Well it looks like I might be the one to kick this off.  My name is Michael and in my youth during the 70’s I loved tabletop games, the emerging computer game offerings as well as early MMO’s.   Later I ran a bbs with a never ending story section that everyone could add too.   So then career and family hit and I gave a lot of it up.   In the last few year I found audio books to help pass the time during my daily commute.   Now that the kids are starting to leave the nest; I have had a little time and energy to take up my old passion for reading.

    Which brings me here.  This genre seems to really strike a chord with me and I really hope to help separate some of the chaff from the wheat or at least better target my reading based on what I find most appealing.    Hey and it looks like we might have a few authors here who can share a glimmer into the process and a behind the scenes view as to how the process develops.

    Ok so please post your introductions so I am not left alone in here.   🙂



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