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Tasteful Connoisseur – No Erotic, No Harem, Recommended, First in Series, LitRPG Podcast 7+

No More Free Time – 3 books or more, first in series, no short books, no omnibuses (stops collections of short books as showing up under this selection)

Your Family Called, You Were Busy – 6 books or more, first in series, no short books, no omnibuses (stops collections of short books as showing up under this selection)

Women in video games? IMPOSSIBLE! – female author, female MC, no erotic, no harem, recommended

Let’s Keep it KU – 3 books or more, recommended, first in series, KU (this selects only KU books), full KU series (this selects only series with only KU books)

That’s settled then – settlement building, recommended, first in series

Crafty Bastard – crafting, recommended, first in series

Probably illegal in Russia – LGBT elements, recommended, first in series

Come on guys, let me out. Guys? – LitRPG, MMORPG, trapped in the game, recommended, first in series

I’m outta here – portal, alternate universe, no earth, recommended, first in series

I swear it’s not a sex dungeon – dungeon core, no erotic, no harem, recommended, first in series

Who’s got the probe now, huh? – alien world, futuristic, sci-fi, first in series

You Freaks Ain’t So Bad – nonhuman MC, first in series, no antihero

Inhuman Scum – antihero, nonhuman MC, first in series

Does Anyone Have a Catgirl? – harem, recommended, first in series

Quick and Dirty – short books, erotic, harem

More Stamina, Still Dirty – no short books, erotic, harem



*A LitRPG Podcast score of 8+ has been assigned to Ramon Mejia based on the quality of his books. This was assigned by the team at the LitRPG Newsletter, not Ramon. – Reveres Rain

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