Frequently asked questions

What is LitRPG?

LitRPG is a genre of books that utilizes video game mechanics as an integral and narratively relevant part of the story.

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What is GameLit?

GameLit is a genre of books that utilizes mechanics in video-game-esque way, or where the video game mechanics, while present, take a secondary role in the story and are used to augment it rather than help drive it.

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What is Gamelit?

This is the second in a planned series of posts explaining the genre. If you are new to LitRPG and GameLit, and have not checked out the first post in this series – What is LitRPG – then we advise you to do so now. GameLit is a term used to describe a genre of books where … Read More

What is LitRPG Newsletter?

LitRPG Newsletter is a community site that is a combination of a blog, a forum, a search database and a review site. It is named after the Facebook and Email Newsletters we run.

The LitRPG Newsletter is run by ReveresRain.

How does the LitRPG Newsletter work?

The LitRPG Newsletter provides you with the latest LitRPG articles and releases straight to your Facebook Messenger or Email inbox. We update our database of books regularly so you can always know what books are hot off the press.