This is a listing of the major LitRPG community sites. Don’t forget to join our Discord and Facebook Messenger Newsletter.

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Audiobook Release Newsletters

The Listener’s Newsletter

A weekly newsletter that delivers some of the latest audiobooks straight to your inbox! We don’t do this, so you should definitely check these guys out.

Free Webnovel Platforms


RoyalRoad is probably the largest webnovel platform that attracts a large number of LitRPG authors and readers. It contains a number of hidden gems although the editing quality varies wildly. It also has a thriving discord scene.

Book Brawl

BookBrawl is a site like RoyalRoad, though much smaller. Give it a look.


LitRPG Newsletter Forums

We have our own forums at LitRPG Newsletter. Pop in and say hi, we don’t bite.

LitRPG Forum

The forum site run by Paul Bellow. Everyone there’s very friendly and it’s definitely worth checking out! They also have a facebook group.


LitRPG Podcast

This is the weekly podcast by Ramon Mejia, bringing you the latest news, reviews and author interviews. They also have an audiobook podcast by Ray.

LitRPG ReRoll

Lavelle Jackson reviews LitRPG books and discusses the LitRPG genre.


GameLit Society

This is a friendly facebook group for LitRPG and GameLit lovers. There’s also a great Discord to hang out in. There is also their less serious subgroup, Lit LitRPG.

LitRPG Books

The facebook group run by Magic Dome Publishing, a Russian publishing house.

LitRPG Reads

The facebook page run by Paul Bellow, posts curated by him come thick and fast here. Don’t forget to check out the LitRPG Reads website for cool stuff.


While it mostly functions as an Aleron Kong fan group, there is the occasional interesting event in between all The Land spam. There is also a rather abused website and forum that are also Aleron fan hangouts.

Audiobook Narrators

SoundBooth Theater

A vibrant Discord hangout and facebook group set up by Jeff Hays. Side-splittingly funny voices and definitely not worth missing.



This is a pretty sweet place full of friendly folks. Check it out!


This reddit lacks the same numbers as the previous one, but some things happen here occasionally.



A site with frequent LitRPG updates and releases as well as some interesting news from time to time.


A site in progress, has potential but going is slow and hasn’t been updated much in the last few months.

Great LitRPG

An interesting community site with another book finder tool. The creator has a book finder app in development.