You're in Game! Book 2

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Would you like to know what happened to some of the heroes of your favorite LitRPGs?

What about Gnat, the wayward hero of Reality Benders? Would he manage to return to Earth from his adventurous travels?

Would you like to go back to Barliona and take a peek at the game through the eyes of its new protagonists? Plenty of laughs and intrigue guaranteed!

Can you refuse the offer of completing a complex quest in Alterra? How do you feel about doing that?

Or going back to the Crystal Sphere, to face the chilling breath of a powerful Neuro and survive?

Also, don't forget that Olgerd and his friends await you in Mirror World! They're counting on your help.

All this and much more - tales from bestselling authors as well as LitRPG newcomers whose first books have already become Russia' new sensations - in our latest anthology combining the best of our stories to date!

Vasily Mahanenko

Andrei Livadny

Alexey Osadchuk

Pavel Kornev

Andrew Novak

Dan Sugralinov

Vasily Mahanenko, Eugenia Dmitrieva

Michael Atamanov

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Categories: LitRPG, MMORPG

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