Polyglot: NPC Revolution


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Alex finds herself on the shore of a distant place - a world unfamiliar.

A world of fantasy and magic. A world that is a game.

NPCs and players all insist she is an NPC, a part of the world. A part of the code of the game. A part of the fantasy to entertain the players. She rejects the idea, for her memories can't just be lies. Could they?

Alex sets out to establish herself in the sandbox fantasy world, to find her identity, and to weather the storm between the coming players and the inhabitants of the new world.

On the litRPG spectrum, this would be considered a soft litRPG. Don't expect heavy number crunching!

What's in this story:

Standalone story - no unending series

Female MC

Less numbers

Base building

Magic realism

Topics that might make Asimov chuckle

No harems


Light sexual content

The World:

The Multiverse Virtual Reality, known as the MWR or MVVR, is a collection of atomic-level simulations that exist as games and research experiments. Instance_ID8092, otherwise known as the Otherworld, is a mysterious new Virtual Reality MMO that was recently revealed in the long list of VRMMOs. As soon as the players found the new game, they dove in to find an entire world thriving with NPCs.

The world exists as a geographic copy of pre-war Earth with its inhabitants enjoying a pre-industrial level of technology. Beyond the proliferation of magic, the NPCs use player-given technology daily - airships, muskets, and manatech engines.

The Game:

Level progression is handled differently between nipsies (NPCs) and players (PCs).

Players are given the usual progression system and ability point usage. Early-tier spells are common across classes, with exclusive higher-level skills.

Nipsies receive their levels through bureaucratic systems to authenticate their skills. Trainers for each discipline provide upgraded spells and skills.

The Magic:

Spells and skills are invoked as function calls - fire(), javelin(), vanguard().

Arguments are passed in to manipulate the magic - fire(above), javelin(ice), vanguard(holy).

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